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Why Do I Need A Home Appraisal?

Back during the Tampa real estate boom of 2003-2007, a home appraisal was an entirely different experience. Because home values were rising so quickly, an appraisal almost felt like pulling the handle on a slot machine that was guaranteed to win. It was not uncommon for a new home buyer to receive an appraisal indicating […]

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Why Do I Need A Home Inspection?

Unless you’re Superman, you can’t see through walls. As mere mortals, we can’t see what may be going wrong with the electrical wiring, water pipes and utility conduits hidden behind the drywall. Other areas of potential concern such as leaky roofs or failing appliances are often overlooked during the euphoria of the house hunting experience. […]

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Ten Ways To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

Don’t let the recent cooler temperatures fool you. Tampa is still in the middle of hurricane season. As evidenced by last year’s “Super Storm Sandy”, deadly hurricanes can still develop well into the Fall. According to the National Hurricane Center, the 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season spans from June 1st to November 30th, so we have […]

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What School District Is My House In?

I recently began working with a great new client who wants to buy a new home. One of my home buyer’s requirements is locating a home within a specific school district. It was really only after researching possible Tampa homes for sale, that I was reminded of how difficult locating real estate by school district […]

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How I Busted Citizens Insurance And Cut My Premiums

I recently received the Renewal Declaration for my primary residence from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. Not surprisingly, my Florida homeowner’s insurance premiums jumped over 16.5% since last year, despite the fact I’ve never filed a claim for damages on my home. While I was reviewing my property coverages, I noticed an unusual entry, “Other Structures”. […]

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