What School District Is My House In?

I recently began working with a great new client who wants to buy a new home. One of my home buyer’s requirements is locating a home within a specific school district.
It was really only after researching possible Tampa homes for sale, that I was reminded of how difficult locating real estate by school district can be. Sadly, when many listing agents enter the various data about a home they are trying to sell for a client into the MLS, they neglect to submit the respective school districts.

This makes finding a home within a particular school district a frustrating experience for both the prospective home buyer and the Realtor representing him/her.
Quite often, a buyer will request a particular school district based on the reputation of the school. Sometimes, the buyer may be a school employee and is trying to minimize their daily commute. Other times, it is out of a sense of nostalgia for one’s old alma mater, and the hope that their children will continue the tradition.

Over the years as a practicing Realtor, I was lucky enough to discover an invaluable resource for Tampa home buyers (and home buyers throughout Hillsborough County) that shows school districts by address.
Courtesy of the Hillsborough County School System, a website was developed that allows you to quickly determine school districts by submitting the address of the home you want to buy.

Follow this link to the school locator and simply enter the address in the window in the upper left corner of the page.

Click “Check Address” and you’ll see what elementary, middle and high schools are zoned for any given address. This information has proven to be very accurate over the years, but it never hurts to ask the neighbors just to be safe.

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